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If your animal suffers from torn ligaments, tendon injuries, osteoarthritis, rheumoid arthritis, or tendonitis, stem cell treatment may be a solution for your pet.

Before considering Stem Cell Treatment, it is necessary to understand the basic scientific principles behind this ground-breaking treatment. Stem cells are the body’s basic cells from which all other specialised cells in the body originate. In other words, stem cells can differentiate into specific types of cells required by the body, such as muscle, cartilage, nerve and bone cells.

As the body ages, the amount, concentration and activity level of Stem Cells decreases, resulting in a simultaneous decrease of the body’s ability to heal. Although adults have Stem Cells, they tend to appear in lower concentrations and be rather inactive. The solution is to find the most abundant source of these cells, concentrate them, and activate them to develop into the cells most required to speed up the healing process. Medivet has developed a process which facilitates this harvesting procedure in the space of only one day.

Research determined that the best source of Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells (AMSC) is actually fat. Due to its constant source of new cells, fat is able to multiply very effectively – a phenomenon most of us have experienced first-hand. The Pericytes (cells around the blood vessels of fat) are a plentiful source of AMSC. These Pericytes are a readily available source of Stem Cells that are not part of any essential organs (as compared to harvesting liver or bone marrow for cells).

Twenty grams of fat is all that is required for a treatment. This amount of fat is easily obtained from the belly region of dogs and cats, or from next to the tail in horses, under general anaesthetic in dogs and cats, and under sedation in horses. The fat is then processed in our laboratory, using the Medivet patented system. Precise amounts and types of enzymes are used to break the sample down to its cellular level. Special filtration and centrifugation techniques are then used to separate the fragile cells, and remove unwanted tissues. The concentrated and refined sample is now called the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) – a thick liquid containing the Stem Cells and their growth hormones.

The harvested Stem Cells are still relatively inactive. Medivet has developed a process of increasing their activity markedly with the use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) created through the filtration and concentration of 15ml of blood drawn from the pet. PRP has a high concentration of growth hormones and cell activators, and incidentally, has been used successfully in the treatment of joint problems in both animals and humans.

The SVF (Stromal Vascular Fraction) is now approximately 25% more active. The Stem Cells are further stimulated through the use of programmed light intensities and frequencies, delivered by a patented piece of equipment called a photobiostimulation unit.

The end result of this three hour process is 2ml of a thick fluid that contains in excess of 200 million active stem cells.

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